Since 1993, the company is one of the pioneers in systems of PVC Doors and Windows in Brazil.


Thanks to modern and high potential of the production process, which added to the strength of a competent team who works with synergy and passion, TOSATTI is synonymous with the highest quality and design “MADE IN ITALY”, peculiarities that make our systems for PVC doors and windows recognized internationally.

The reality of the company’s business is always at the forefront and aims at the creation of new models of sustainable development and the efficiency of its products for civil construction.


Bandeira Brasil Italia

The story began in Brazil, in Sao Paulo city, in 1993 with the pioneering activity in the production of doors and Windows of various raw materials, the company was founded and always directed by the traditional Italian-Brazilian family TOSATTI.

Since the late 1990, using German technology and machinery, the company began to concentrate exclusively on systems for PVC doors and windows.

The Italian root of TOSATTI, who always seeks modernization, innovation, sophistication and design, in the year 2013 signed a partnership with the Italian Company GRAF SYNERGY, bringing to Brazil the most modern and automated production line of PVC windows and doors in the world, pioneer in America. The Italian industry of high performance of TOSATTI is able to produce PVC doors and windows with refined finish and unique design, its production capacity and speed is the biggest and the fastest of America.

kem-oneOffering exclusive products with unique Italian design, TOSATTI is associated with the petrochemical group KEM ONE COMPANY, which through its Italian subsidiary ALPHACAN S.p.A., manufactures PVC profiles branded TOSATTI ALPHACAN in the city of ARCO (TN). The group company, for over 40 years, is leader in Italy in the projection and production of systems for frames in innovative PVC. Unique products with prestigious Italian design, the systems for PVC doors and windows are manufactured in Brazil, they are sold within the country and also exported to Africa, Europe, Asia and across America.

The most modern industrial plant of America in the manufacture of PVC frames is installed in its own headquarters in Sao Paulo City. Currently, with thousands of works delivered throughout the country and internationally, TOSATTI, after consecutive conquests, is recognized by the Brazilian press as the Best Brand of PVC Frames*, it’s no wonder that the company is known as the ELITE OF FRAMES.


Genuine PVC profiles “MADE IN ITALY” of TOSATTI receive a protective seal that guarantees the origin and the total quality of the raw material, which is internationally certified and is provided by the group KEM ONE COMPANY, integrated leader in the vinyl industry. The turnover of the group in 2012 exceeded the figure of 1.1 billion euros, the group is present with 22 plants scattered around the world.

The division of PVC profiles for doors and windows operates with 5 establishments in Europe, has a highly specialized work force and is equipped with a high level as part of the pole of innovative vinyl solutions of KEM ONE COMPANY. The division has a production capacity of 80.000 tons of profiles per year.
The Italian subsidiary of the group is responsible for producing and marketing the systems of PVC profiles for doors and windows to the world. The technological know-how and technological research activity of a large group, combine perfectly with the peculiarities of the Italian tradition of TOSATTI; the creativity, talent for design and attention to detail allow our products to achieve a high level of quality in technical performance, or in its aesthetic lines. The products have specific characteristics to withstand the extreme and specific weather and temperatures to each part of the world, so the TOSATTI products are confirmed superiors and are present in the WORLD over 20 years for its unparalleled beauty, uniqueness, durability and reliability.